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Jamie Oberg-Hanson


Beauregard Parish offers 5 SEB Counselors (Social, Emotional and Behavioral). 

The SEB Counselors will provide additional resources to students who exhibit attendance and/or behavior concerns as the year progresses. SEB Counselors will coordinate with school counselors, principals and administrative staff, teachers, and behavior coaches to develop strategies for overcoming barriers to attendance and/or behavior and emotional issues.  Interventions will occur in the classroom, on an individual or group basis at school.

We are here to be an extra resource to the students, parents, teachers, and community.  Please reach out to the school if you are in need of resources for the well-being of your child.  We will do our best to help.

Thank you for your support!



 Mrs. Hanson’s Schedule: hi

Monday mornings - DHS / afternoon - BAP

Tuesday mornings - DHS / afternoon - CE

Wednesday - DHS 

Thursday mornings - DHS / afternoon - BAP

Friday mornings - DHS / afternoon - CE


Parent conference available Monday - Friday upon request and appointment.

E-mail is the best method to get in touch with me. However, if you prefer a callback, I will get back with you as soon as possible.


School Phone: 337-463-3266 ext: 10249


Jaime Oberghanson

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