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Online Flashcards & Help

Online Flashcards! 
Use this as you study each chapter's vocabulary 
and for MIDTERMS and FINALS!

even more Online Flashcards!
You can create your own flashcards, study others' flashcards, and while you study you can 
*play matching games  *solve a crossword  *play hangman
*solve scrambled words  *play BUG CHASE
all with the vocabulary words from that chapter!
This even allows you to download the flashcards using a cellphone App so you can study anywhere!! Make your own flashcards for your other classes too!
click on Languages -> Spanish -> sort by -> description
look for Realidades to find our book's chapters (currently located on page 32 of the list)
This site is full of grammar instruction, verb drills, pronunciation audio, and vocabulary aid. Great resource for additional study, relearning previous material, and staying sharp over the summer!

Verb Conjugation Practice!,6,9,11,18,24,53,42,46,50


Free on-line Spanish flashcards with sound for learning basic vocabulary like foods, clothing, furniture, body parts, cooking, school, animals, ...

Free Online Spanish Lessons
Go to
Free learning materials for grammar, vocabulary, verb conjugations. Use this to further your studies!

Spanish Language Learning at your own pace!
Sign up for a free account and go through spanish levels category by category. With pictures, flashcards, sound bites, and easy-to-follow games, you'll be learning and practicing Spanish words while playing games!
See if you can find categories that match up with things we've learned in class for a fun way to practice what we're learning in class, along with some additional words and phrases!

Elma Eagles of Elma, Washington built a wonderful assortment of games and activities that you can use to study the Spanish vocabulary.
Their materials, however, do not follow our book exactly, but should prove rather helpful and fun!

Learn and Practice Spanish Vocabularly and help fight hunger at
at the top righthand corner click on the word "subject" and towards the bottom on the left you will find "spanish". The more you get right, the more rice you collect to help!

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