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  2020-2021 Study Skills I/III Home Assignments
  Students who are on a virtual schedule or on their A/B home day should complete diagnostic tests and assignments on Edmentum Exact Path. After students have completed diagnostics for Math, Reading, and Language Arts, they should complete practice assignments for each of the subjects. It is very important that students try their best and take their time when completing the diagnostics and practices on Exact Path.




  To log in to Exact Path:
1.) Go to the district website.
2.) Look towards the bottom of your screen (most people should not have to scroll down). Click on the blue circle that says “Clever.”
  The logo will look like this:Clever Login Logo
3.) Click “Log in with Google.” Students must know their Google logins. If they do not know their login, they can obtain it from the DHS library.
  The logo will look like this:Google Login Logo
4.) Once logged in, scroll down to “More Apps.” Click on the logo that is a large, colorful “e”. The logo should be titled “Edmentum Courseware.”
  The logo will look like this:Exact Path Login Logo
5.) The student should now be logged in to Exact Path. The student will ALWAYS have work to complete on Exact Path.


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