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Liles's Recent Reads

Title                                          Author                              Rating

Puddin                                   Julie Murphy                           8/10

To Be Honest                        Maggie Martin                           7/10

The Body in the Woods          April Henry                              9/10

Fake ID                                 Lamar Giles                             8/10

Everything Leads to You         Nina LaCour                            7/10

Dumplin                                 Julie Murphy                           9/10  

Set You Free                         Jeff Ross                                  10/10

The Naturals                         Jennifer Barnes                        9/10

We Were Liars                        E. Lockhart                             7/10

The Long Game                     Jennifer Barnes                        10/10

Killer Instinct (Bk 2 of Naturals)  J. Barnes                             9/10

Bad Blood(Bk 3 of Naturals)        J. Barnes                             9/10

Something Like Hope            Shawn Goodman                        7/10

The Memory Book                  Lara Avery                               10/10

The Lying Woods                   Ashley Elston                            10/10

Reclaimed                              Sarah Guillory                         9/10

The Rules for Disappearing   Ashley Elston                             10/10

Nearly Gone                            Elle Cosimano                         10/10

Nearly Found (bk. 2)                Elle Cosimano                         8/10

Remember to Forget            Ashley Royer                              7/10

This is Our Story                  Ashley Elston                              10/10

One of Us is Lying                 Karen McManus                           9/10

The Glass Castle                   Janette Walls                                9/10

Educated: A Memoir               Tara Westover                             10/10

Truly Devious (bk 1)                Maureen Johnson                       8/10

The Vanishing Stair (bk. 2)     Maureen Johnson                        7/10 (because I still don’t know where Alice is!)

The Hand on the Wall (bk. 3)  Maureen Johnson                        10/10 (mystery solved)

To Catch a Killer                       Sheryl Scarborough                    9/10

To Right the Wrongs (bk 2)      Sheryl Scarborough                     9/10

Ordinary Hazards: A Memoir    Nikki Grimes                                9/10

The Silence Between Us          Alison Gervais                             8/10

The Truth App                           Jack Heath                                  9/10

An American Summer: Love and Death in Chicago  Alex Kotlowitz   8/10

Being Poppy: A Portrait of George HW Bush     Richard Cramer     7/10

Eliza Hamilton                            Tilar Mezzio                                 9/10

The Box in the Woods                Maureen Johnson                       9/10

Deadly Little Secrets                   Jennifer Barnes                          8/10

Piecing Me Together                   Renee Watson                            9/10

The War Outside                         Monica Hesse                             5/10

Blank Confession                        Pete Hautman                            10/10

We Are All Made of Molecules     Susan Nielson                            10/10

Shattering Glass                          Gail Giles                                     7/10





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