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Mr. Wertz's Classroom

Well come to the 2020-21 School year at DeRidder HIgh

Gonna be a challenging year.

I can’t wait to get our AG classes rollng.

For those enrolled in AG class this year, here’s whats happening.

This year we will be Virtual and Hybrid Students (Half on campus and half off campus).                                                                                                                       Virtual School is an opportunity that requires a lot of responsibility on your part. You
need to be prepared to participate in virtual school like you are expected to participate
on campus. Teachers will be available to help you and guide you but you will have to
reach out and know when to ask for help. Your attendance and grades are taken daily.
DeRidder FFA Ag Class is committed to providing rigorous, ICEV based instruction to
all students whether they attend school in-person or select a remote instructional
setting. We recognize that this may be a challenging year, but we are embracing the
opportunity to expand and maximize learning for all students.
DAILY student attendance is earned through daily engagement measures:  Daily
progress via teacher-student interactions focused on supporting or monitoring student
academic progress AND/OR  Daily completion and submission of assignments.

ICEV's curriculum features everything you need to start right away. Each presentation is
accompanied by a detailed lesson plan, projects and activities, handouts, assessments
and more.
Learning objectives and the assessments of those learning objectives are aligned to the
latest state and national standards with iCEV's constantly updated curriculum platform.
Each iCEV lesson begins with media-rich presentations featuring real-world
demonstrations and relevant information.
Students hear first-hand from featured industry experts from a variety of business,
industry and academic backgrounds, allowing them to relate knowledge gained in the
classroom to real-world applications.
Formative and summative assessments gauge student knowledge and progression
throughout the lessons.
Upon completion, interactive coursework is automatically graded and instantly displays
student performance.

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