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Ms. Courville's classroom


Welcome to history in the making.  Students should go to google classroom to access their assignments.  All students will have to complete their diagnostic test on Edmentum as well as anything else assigned there. 

Directions for log in with a Chromebook:

1.Log in to the Chromebook with username and password.

2.Go to the Beauregard Parish School Board website, scroll down to the blue circle that says Clever and click it.

3.Scroll down until you see the Edmentum symbol, click it and you will be taken directly to it.  This will log you in automatically.

Edmentum - Courseware, Assessments, Exact Path icon



Directions for log in without a Chromebook:

1. Go to Beauregard Parish School Board website and click the blue Clever button.

‚Äč2.Click log in with Google then locate the Edmentum “E” as seen above and click it.