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Seniors: Let me begin by saying that you are missed. These are uncertain times and many changes have been thrown your way. Even though we are in unchartered waters due to the pandemic, you have persevered with maturity and resilence. I am so proud of you and your accomplishments. As new information is given to me, I will update this page for you so check back periodically. Also, please check my page to access general information for all students. I will send a Remind annoucement when there has been an update. The best way to contact me is through e-mail at I am working from home at this time due to the pandemic. Stay strong and vigilant! You got this!



  • Graduation – Rest assured, we will have a senior graduation ceremony. 
  • TOPS – The state has made changes to TOPS deadlines and ACT deadlines. Please keep in mind that the requirements are still the same for TOPS and TOPS TECH eligibililty, but the deadlines to meet those requirements have changed. For the most up-to-date information please visit the Louisiana Office of Financial Assistance website at You are still required to complete the 2020-2021 FAFSA application in order to receive any TOPS award. 
  • LEAP 2025 and EOC Requirement for Graduation – Assessment requirements for graduation eligibility have been waived for current seniors. In other words, you no longer have to take the previously scheduled exam and pass to earn a diploma. Again, this is for current seniors only. 
  • FASFA Requirement for Graduation – Students do NOT have to complete the FAFSA in order to graduate. This applies to the class of 2020 only. 
  • Jumpstart Credential Requirement for Graduation – Credential/certification requirements for JumpStart students have been waived. If you were not able to complete your certification/credential before school was dismissed, you no longer have to earn that credential to graduate. Seniors only!
  • T-Shirt – The DeRidder High School Alumni is ordering shirts for all Seniors. Please click HERE to fill out the google form for your shirt.  
  • Grades – We are offering credit recovery for any nine weeks in which you have a D or F. Your teachers will be contacting you for details on this and who qualifies for credit recovery. Seniors: Please keep in mind that you must pass all your classes to recieve a diploma. For specific questions, contact your teacher. 
  • Graduation Supplies
  •  Graduation Supplies
  • SENIOR SALUTES! – Seniors we want to highlight your achievements and goals. We would like for you to have recognition for your hardwork over the last four years. We are asking ALL seniors to complete a google form and attach a picture (see link below). Mrs. Kyle will upload your info and picture onto our DeRidder High School Facebook Page. We want to celebrate this time with you. Please spread the word about this opportunity.  SENIOR SALUTE FORM
  • SENIOR AWARD’S DAY – Students and parents: we ask that you please remian in your vehicle at all times unless your name is called. This will be a no-contact event so you will simply pick up your award from one of the tables. You will be shown which award is yours. Please keep in mind that we will be recognizing scholarship recipients in a different manner this year. There will be less presenters and we will not be handing out monetary awards. You will be contacted by the benefactor about your award and how you will recieve it. We simply want to recognize you as the recipient. You might be asked to simply come stand at the front when your name is called for a scholarship. Your safety and those around you are our main concern. Also, you need to dress in your cap and gown when you come to this event. IF YOU RECEIVED A SCHOLARSHIP FROM A UNIVERSITY OR ARE JOINING THE MILITARY, PLEASE E-MAIL ME A COPY BY FRIDAY, MAY 8TH. If it is not turned in, it will not be announced. 
  • Senior Award's Day
  • GRADUATION PARADE – Seniors you will be required to register for this event using a google form. This form will be posted soon. If you do not register, you will not be allowed to participate. This is just like entering any other parade. There are specific guidelines we must meet with the city. One is that you must have a driver who is 21 or older. The second is to register. Also, you cannot have trailers or floats. You must remain inside the vehicle. However, you can decorate your vehicle. We ask that you wear your cap and gown. Guests can line up along the route to see you. The route information will be coming soon. Also, when the parade is finished, you will meet back at DHS to recieve your diploma and final transcript. We are so excited to celebrate this time with you. 
  • Senior Parade
  • GRADUATION: What you have all been waiting for…..a GRADUATION DATE! We will get detailed information to you about dress code, lining up, etc. at a later date. 
  • Graduation