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Some extra resources to help you practice grammar, reading, writing, or test-taking skills!



Khan Academy Grammar Practice Course
A free course to practice your grammar skills. Utlitizes a point-based system with increasing difficultly.

Perfect English Grammar
Individual in-browser grammar worksheets with built-in feedback.



Spreeder: Speed Reading Website
Copy any text you’d like into the site and practice speed reading: a skill that is incredibly useful both in class and on standardized exams. Gradually increase the WPM to improve your reading speed. 

Khan Academy Reading and Vocabulary Course
Yes, this is a 9th Grade course, but the information is still very good. If you’re having trouble with reading comprehension, developing strong pieces of writing, or vocabulary, this course is a great resource! Start at Unit 1 or skip around to lessons that focus on skills you’re having more trouble with.

Freerice – English Category
Vocabulary | Spelling | Grammar | Proverbs | Root Words

Freerice is a site hosted by the World Food Program. It has a variety of categories and subjects to choose from, and for every question you get correct in their quizzes, they donate an amount of rice to countries severely impacted by conflict or climate change. Compete with your friends to earn the most rice!




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Test Prep

ACT Official Website
Contains several free practice tests in Math, Reading, English, Science, and Writing, as well as ACT study guides.