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Grade Recovery


At the end of each Nine Weeks, students who earned a failing grade may complete Grade Recovery work to replace their F with a
67 D.  

Parents are notified of failing grades through Parent Command and SMS messages sent through JCampus. Grade Recovery Contracts are typically sent home the week following distribution of Report Cards.

Grade Recovery for my class is offered digitally through Edmentum.

Instructions to access Edmentum

  1. Go to the
  2. Click the Clever logo in the orange bar. Log in using your student gmail.
  3. Go to Edmentum (lowercase e with a rainbow bar across it).
  4. Your student will automatically be added into an Edmentum Grade Recovery course if they are eligible.

It is your student’s responsiblity to complete their assigned recovery work. They will have time available during class, during ROAR Time, and should also be utilizing time at home to complete the course.

Note that recovery credit may NOT be granted if course requirements are not met (i.e. completing all sections, scoring too poorly on coursework, etc.). Please read your Grade Recovery Contract thoroughly before signing it.


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Report Card Dates

1st - Thursday, October 26
2nd - Thursday, January 18
3rd - Thursday, March 21


Grade Recovery Dates

1st Nine Weeks
Monday, November 6th – Sundary, December 3rd 

2nd Nine Weeks
Monday, January 29th – Sunday, February 25th 

3rd Nine Weeks

4th Nine Weeks