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SKelly's Online Learning Page

Hey Guys!  I hope that you are staying safe and quarantined.  I miss all of you very much.  I am posting online assignments and will also have hard-copy lessons for those of you who do not have a computer or Internet Access at home. All assignments will be located at the school for you to pick-up.  I have also posted assignments to Google Classroom, if you do have Internet Access.  I have had some responses from a few students, however, I hope to have all of you participate.  

IBCA:  I will be updating assignments in Google Classroom for you to do as well as opening more lessons in the Beauregard Parish Typing Club Account ( each Monday until we return to school.  

Digital Media & TV Production: I will be posting a new assignment each Monday until we return to school.  It will be easy things that you can do right on your phone.  I know that many of you can do these assignments since you are whizzes at using your phones.  Check the Google Classroom for more information and I will also have hard-copies that you can pick-up at school.


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