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Mrs. Williams's Classroom

Welcome to Mrs. Williams’ Science class!!

I want to welcome you to one of the most unusual years we have had!  No matter what, though, we will make it a good year.  All work and communicataion for my class can be seen on Google Classroom.  Be sure to have your student logged in, as you cannot see it from your personal email.  

Virtual students must log in every day to every class to complete attendance.  A how to video is posted in Google Classroom if you need to see it.  

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have.  

Mrs. Williams’ Daily (Regular) Schedule

Period 1- Prebiology (745-837)

Period 2- Virtual Prebiology (841-933)

Period 3- Virtual Chemistry (937-1027)

Period 4- Planning (1131-1221)

Period 5- Chemistry (1225-115)

Period 6- Chemistry (119-209)

Period 7- Chemistry (213-303)








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