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Coach Bryan's Classroom

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The Physical Education Department’s top priority is to keep our students safe and active while preparing them today for tomorrow’s changing world.




Grades: 20 points a day

Regulation Gym Shirt = 5 points

Regulation Gym Shorts = 5 points

Active Participation = 10 points


Regulation Gym Suit:

Gray DeRidder Dragons Shirt

Blue DeRidder Dragons Shorts

Athletic Shoes


Gym Suit Purchase:

$10.00 for a Gym Shirt.

$10.00 for a pair of Gym Shorts.

(Students MAY use a gym suit from DeRidder Jr. High IF the gym suit fits appropriately.)


Lock/Locker Rental:

Students may rent a lock and locker for the school year for $2.00.

**If the Lock is lost or the locker is broken, the student will be charged a $10.00 replacement fee.**


Doctor’s Notes:

If you have any physical limitations or restrictions for an injury or other health issue please turn in a doctor’s note to the front office.

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School Phone:

Amy Bryan

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