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Las Notas (The Grading)

1. The grades for this class consist of participation, in-class assignments, online assignments, quizzes, and (unit) tests.


2. The breakdown of the grades in this class are as follows:

  • At least 1-2 in-class assignments per week (ranging from 10-25 points)
  • At least 1 Google Classroom assignment per week (ranging from 15-30 points) 
  • Approximately 1 Vocabulary per chapter (ranging from 15-25 points)
  • Approximately 1 Chapter Test per month (35-50 points)


3. Grades are scored using the following 7-point grading scale:

  • A= 93-100
  • B= 85-92
  • C= 75-84
  • D= 67-74
  • F= 0-66 


4. If students fail () an assignment, quiz, or test, or perform unsatisfactorily (D), I allow them to retake/resubmit the assessment/work.


  • Unless special circumstances abound, ALL retakes must be completed within 1 week from the date of the original assessment. Otherwise, the student will keep the original grade.