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Mrs. Williams's Classroom

Welcome to Mrs. Williams’ Science class!!

I want to welcome you to one of the most unusual years we have had!  No matter what, though, we will make it a good year.  All work and communicataion for my class can be seen on Google Classroom.  Be sure to have your student logged in, as you cannot see it from your personal email.  Support videos are also provided on Google Classroom in case a student needs extra help at home.

The fastest way to communicate with me is through email.  Always feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have.    

If you would like to contribute to our classroom, here is a link to our Amazon Wishlist:  Other materials that are always in great need include facial tissue (kleenex), pencils, paper towels, and lysol wipes.  Labs can get messy and I like to keep a clean and tidy lab area.    

Mrs. Williams’ Daily (Regular) Schedule

Period 1- Chemistry (745-837)

Period 2- Chemistry (841-933)

Period 3- Chemistry (937-1027)

Period 4- Planning (1131-1221)

Period 5- Chemistry (1225-115)

Period 6- Chemistry (119-209)

Period 7- Pre-Biology (213-303)








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